Call for Droids - Force Awakens Opening Night!!!

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Call for Droids - Force Awakens Opening Night!!!

Postby makertango » Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:19 pm

Howdy Folks,

We are a small Maker group in Colorado Springs and our next project is in partnership with Carmike Cinemas, Chapel Hill 13 in Colorado Springs, CO. Our local Makerspace, Pike's Peak Makerspace (, is teaming with us in an effort to "awaken" (pun intended) the local maker community, especially Droid and robotics builders, in the Northern Colorado Springs, Monument, Larkspur, Palmer Lake, Black Forest area. One way we are teaming with Pike's Peak Makerspace and Carmike cinemas to achieve this mission is to invite the Star Wars droid builders, Cosplayers, Makers, etc. to opening week of Force Awakens.

We need as many droids as possible and the excitement you folks bring to every event you visit. This isn't a paying venue, but Elvis Sharp, Manager of the Chapel Hills 13 will offer you a place to post your business information and contact data in the Theatre. There will be thousands, likely 10' of thousands of local fans (your target market) at the theater. Elvis has concerns due to the expected long lines and waiting on the Mall entrance end and outside before showtimes. We believe this is where you can shine! Bring your droid, dress the part, and have a blast engaging the public as they are a "captive audience".*

If this is your cup of tea, please contact General Manager Elvis Sharp at 801-680-2330 (M) or email [yes, that's his legitimate email].

*We will be utilizing Gmail and the Gmail Calendar app to manage the event and coordinate logistics. The Mall will have robust security and you will be briefed before showtime. Thanks for your time and we look forward to working with you, promoting the Mountain State Droid Builders and the #MakersAwaken Event!

May the Force Be with You,
John McGuire (Tango)

Team Members to date...


Carmike Cinema Chapel Hills 13

Pikes Peak MakerSpace

Dave Styles

Elvis Sharp

Greg Cook

The 3D Printing Store
Chapel Hills Mall

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Re: Call for Droids - Force Awakens Opening Night!!!

Postby R2DEVO » Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:47 am

Hi there! We do have some fine droids in your area, not too sure on availability but it would be great to work with you guys!

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