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Event Activities

Postby R2DEVO » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:31 pm

Since my 7pm flight to Iowa got delayed until12:23 AM, I have some time on my hands...

What are some fun things we can do at events? Letting people take photos with our droids is great, but maybe we can bust out the ol' spice weasel and knock it up a notch! BAM!
I had Denver Comic Con in mind with these, but they could be applied to other events as well.

A while back I got thinking it could be fun to have some sort of activity that involves us and some of the artists who set up tables. It would be something fun that is droid related, plus get people to actually look through a lot of the artwork there. I got the idea from the Greeley Freight Station Museum troop a while back.

My thought was to have a sort of "droid hunt", where people could pick up a sheet at our table that has a list of various droids (not our droids, but all types of the droids from the movies and action figures) along with small photos of each, and the person would have to go through the show and find as many as they could, possibly for a small prize.

By "go through the show and find them", I mean print out a small picture, maybe 4x6, and work with artists before to the show open to kind of hide them on their art wall or table.
Then on our sheet, we'd need some way to know that they found the droid. Maybe have them write down the booth number?

The other thing I thought would be awesome would be a robot and robot costume photo. Last year at DCC I saw Benders, Daleks, Transformers, Iron Men, and other robot types of costumes. I thought it would be great to try and organize a group photo maybe once a day in the afternoon. Cuz I like robots and pictures with robots! I happened to see two different photographers that I'm friends with at DCC last year, I bet at least one of them will be coming again and could take a nice picture.

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I'm sure there are some other ideas floating around, I'd love to hear them

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Re: Event Activities

Postby MonCal » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:37 pm

These are awesome ideas to do at a convention. I like it :)

I will have to brainstorm for the average "troop". Some ideas: droid tattoos, trading cards for each of our droids, coloring contests, pick the droid from a photo of droids.

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Re: Event Activities

Postby lynellephi » Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:49 pm

I still have the kids activity book (both versions, one with droids and one with all kinds of movie robots). This year at DCC we will be with the rest of the Star Wars groups. The whole SW Experience will take over where the movie cars were, so there is a chance we'll be in the exact same spot as last year (or very close to it). There is a POC overseeing the entire SW Experience so we have to go by what he wants us to do. There will be so many displays already crowding the area I don't think we'll have room except for our droids. I did ask for at least two tables, and the POC saw how crowded we can get with that at RockyMountain Con. I believe the green "adventure" screen will be there again, so maybe we can do a "robot costume" pic with a little mini contest in front of the screen. But it'll be with the screen's photogs. If we can get something in the official schedule and come up with a cool prize, I think we can pull this off. We'll have to bug Jeff (POC) about this, though.

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