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Hello All

Postby blipside » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:03 pm

Good day. I'm Nate. I've hung out with Tim & Rich at several events. I'm finally ready to start making a droid. I've decided to do one of the astromech pets from Star Wars The Old Republic. I wanted something that would be a little bit simpler than an R unit. I plan on using a ferret ball for the head & a 5 gallon Lowe's bucket to skin the body. I want to use an arduino to control everything with a simple one handed remote. I only want to have the head spin, some simple lights in it, a simple sound board, & movement.

Currently I am trying to figure out what motors to use. I think the scooter motors that are currently used are a bit big & more than what is needed, since the droid should be half the size of an R unit.

Any advice would be great. Hopefully I will run into you at one of the cons around here. Thanks.

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