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Re: Devin's Astromech Build

Postby MonCal » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:03 pm

Awesome! I'm jealous. I want a HP light :)

Some shiny new aluminum vents would be nice too.


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Re: Devin's Astromech Build

Postby R2DEVO » Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:08 pm

Got some new goodies for DCC!
Hopefully I can get them installed before then...

The sound system I put together has looked like this for over a year now. Just an audio module sitting on an Arduino kit.

It was time for something more reliable (sometimes wires would get pulled out by accident or just vibration).
So I made a circuit board that can control my sounds, in addition to other things.

So here's what we're looking at now:

What does this board do?
Controls a microsd-based audio module
Controls the Charge Bay Indicator and Data Port lights (dataport not shown, it's not done yet)
Controls up to 4 servos
Controls a series of WS2812 RGB LEDs
Includes an I2C port for interfacing with other electronics, like the R-Series stuff (software not written for this yet, but the hardware connections are there)
12V battery voltage monitor (not implemented yet)

You might recognize the Charge Bay Indicator, but probably not the long strip to the side. That's a series of RGB LEDs that I plan on putting behind coin slots...just because I thought it would look cool ;)

Here's a quick video of the lights in action:
Watch on

The coin slot strip lights are just going through a demo cycle, but I thought it looked pretty cool. At least to start with. I thought about maybe making work as a VU meter for when he talks.

It'll be mounted behind a translucent white acrylic panel like this

Hopefully I can get this all mounted and working!


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