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R2 Blueprints

Postby lynellephi » Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:41 am

The Astromech blueprints for R2 units are now on the astromech.net website. Please look at the top of the page (after signing in) for a link to the blueprints. I don't really have time to search for it at this moment, but it's there. The council is still transferring stuff over from the Yahoo group, so if you don't see the blueprint you need please be patient. There might be a few that didn't get transferred yet. Most of them are in CAD or .pdf files (I requested .pdf years ago because I can't read CAD). Most of the CAD are in color so if you have a good color printer they're ready to print. They are not to full scale by any means but all measurements are there. If you are working in styrene I have the complete 1:1 styrene flat pack blueprint set, but not all parts are in it (like most of the greeblies).

Have fun with blueprints! And let the council know if something is missing in it. I believe you can also get the sound files from the blueprint link as well, but can't remember if that got transferred or not. I'm going to be working a lot the next three months, so I won't have time to really look. I'll see everyone at NoCo Maker Fair in October!
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