Astromech action figures, toys, statues, etc.

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Re: Astromech action figures, toys, statues, etc.

Postby MonCal » Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:14 pm

Awesome. Thanks for sharing the info.

That looks like a blast :) Someone take me to Disney.

At first glance it looks like they are mostly the same parts that were in the build a droid figure packs that came out a few years ago, where you had to buy a figure and you got a droid part with that figure. After looking more closely it does appear that there are some new designs and colors in there. Do you think that is correct?

One obvious difference of course is the hole in the top of the domes where you can add a hat. Ugh..with that I could conceivably build several "new" droids (while keeping with matching color schemes). At the time of Rebelscum's article they said there were 25 domes with, I guess 3 new domes that were supposed to come out in August. Dang.... I could be there all day ;) And at around $10 per droid that gets expensive fast. Plus I guess they are bringing back the build a droid figure line...hmm, I wonder if they will be the same as the ones at Disney.

I found this photo where someone built the 25 different ones (keeping matching color schemes):


After looking at that though it looks like you could actually come up with more combinations, while keeping matching colors...ugh

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Re: Astromech action figures, toys, statues, etc.

Postby R2DEVO » Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:04 am

Man... I gots to get me some of those!

They started doing this again shortly after my last Disneyland visit. At least I got on Star Tours five times that day!

Next time I'm there (CVII?) I'm going to get a two pack.

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